If you are an individual interested in uncovering true beauty from within, then our Nourishing Confidence Membership is for you! Our Membership model allows us to provide the best care for our clients by building deeper, more trusting relationships & gives them (i.e. YOU) the opportunity to access expert nutrition advice when you want it without being constrained to only a certain number of sessions per month.

You can even commit to 3 or 6 months of our Nourishing Confidence Membership for a reduced price each month!

Our monthly Membership can be discontinued at any time & includes:

  • Unlimited in-person office or Telehealth sessions for nutrition counseling & education from your Registered Dietitian each month (maximum counseling time is 1-hour per client for each scheduled visit and virtual sessions are for Pennsylvania residents only due to licensure laws).
  • Access to an online Client Portal for communication with your Registered Dietitian between appointments and educational materials (includes access to personal Food and Lifestyle Journals with consistent review and individualized comments from your Dietitian).
  • Body composition analysis (for in-person appointments only)
  • Meal plans and shopping lists (as appropriate) based on your personal nutrition needs, medical history and culinary skills/motivation.
  • Reputable supplement recommendations with online dispensary that provides refill reminders.
  • 1-hour per month guided grocery shop visit with your Dietitian (as requested for stores within a 10-mile radius of our office)
  • Plus, BONUS MATERIALS/RESOURCES, such as our:  Skin Health Meal Plan Program, Better Nutrition Collagen Guide, Better Nutrition Detox Guide and much more!

Advisory: Counseling services are reserved for individuals 18 years or older and we refer out to specialists in the case of any suspected eating disorder.


At To Have & To Nourish, we address the root cause of your issues through careful assessment & interventions aimed at revitalizing specific body systems. The time it takes to bring systems back on-track varies greatly based on individual circumstances, including motivation and severity of conditions. However, the most effective, as well as most common breakdown of areas we address based on our 1-, 3- and 6-Month Memberships include:

1-Month Membership: Getting Started

  • Developing Proper Stress Management & Self-Care Habits
  • Addressing Inflammation & a Balanced Immune Response (whole foods diet approach with elimination protocol, if applicable)
  • In-depth education on Meal/Snack Balancing and Timing
  • Basic gut health recommendations

3-Month Membership: The Sweet Spot (what we recommend most)

**Ongoing support & balance of previous systems plus…

  • More individualized attention on Gut Health & Digestion (with GI-MAP testing, as applicable)
  • Individualized nutrient repletion (with Spectracell Micronutrient testing, as applicable)

6-Month Membership: Advanced Care & Support

**Ongoing support & balance of previous systems plus…

  • Assessing Liver Health and Detoxification
  • Balancing Hormones from Adrenals to Sex Hormones (with DUTCH Hormone Testing, as applicable)

In addition, many times once we have addressed all imbalanced body systems and have you on a complete Nutrition Care Plan it can still take 6 months to a year to see changes reflected on the outside (in terms of aesthetics) from your improved internal health. This Membership option is appropriate for those, with advanced system dysregulation who need extra support & accountability to maintain nutrition & lifestyle changes associated with their Care Plan while they wait for aesthetic results to become evident. Waiting is not an easy game and can evoke lots of stress. That stress will only derail your progress on all levels and that’s where we come in to help.

Note: Additional fees apply for lab testing.